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Best Escargot Pan

The best escargot pan has deep ridges, and tall sides to hold butter. Because most are afraid of even escargot, there is little to no information online on what makes a good escargot pan. There are definitely a lot of older pans that are made of copper. But modern one are usually made of ceramic or cast iron. Usually the cast iron varieties are a big more expensive, but ceramic can be a good choice if you are on a budget. This article will take a look at what makes a good escargot pan.

Best Escargot Pan Quick Summary

STAUB 1301523 Cast Iron Escargot Dish, 5.75-inch, Black Matte

Cornucopia White Ceramic Escargot Plates (2-Pack), 6.5-Inch
Oven Safe500 Degree FahrenheitUnspecified
Brand AwarenessAmericaGeneric Brand
Cavity Diameter1.5 inch1.5 inch
ThoughtsThe best all around option. The cast iron construction means its indestructable. It holds heat well and wont crack. The ridges are also tall enough to hold the butter sauce.A cheaper alternative. However, the porcelain is fragile and subject to thermal shock. If you go from oven to a cold table, it can crack.
Reviewed CookwareSTAUB 1301523 Cast Iron Escargot Dish, 5.75-inch, Black MatteCornucopia White Ceramic Escargot Plates (2-Pack), 6.5-Inch Footed Dishes, Oven Safe

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What are Escargot?

Is escargot is a french dish that is mainly consumed as a hors d’oeuvre. Typically, they would use the Helix pomatia as the choice of snails. Other types of snails are inedible or simply too small to be worth cooking.

Snails has been known to be eaten since prehistoric time. The evidence for this was founded in Archaeological sites. Today, Escargot is a 300 million dollar a year business.

How to Cook Escargot

Escargot are usually cooked by killing the snails then removing them from the shell. After they are removed, the shells is filled with butter than place back into the shell. You can use a variety of herbs and spices with the butter. After that is done, they would cover it with butter again. Then the Escargot will be baked in a oven. The resulting dish will be a plate covered with butter. Usually you would eat it with bread and dip it in the butter.

Here is a video of Chef Ludo preparing Escargot.

What to look for in the Best Escargot Pan

There are various things to look for when buying a Escargot Pan. One of the most important thing to consider is material.


There two main type of material used for Escargot Pan today. Cast iron and Porcelain. In general, Cast Iron is the preferred choice. They are heavy and durable. This means that it can hold heat well and keep the food hot on the table. While porcelain is a great cheaper alternative. They are pretty fragile and tend to crack due to heat shock. If you have a really hot plate from the oven and place it on a cold table, it can crack. Not only that, the light weight design means that it will loose heat faster than cast iron.

Dimple Diameter

The dimples are generally used just to hold it in place. Its generally better to get a bigger diameter dimple. Size of 1 inch and above are preferred. If you get even bigger one, you can even use the pan to make takoyaki or aebskeiver. I actually have an article on the Best Aebsekilver Pan. You can use that as a reference to see which is best for you. I dont see any reason not to have a dual purpose pan.


You want to have a pan that at least have a ridge. One of the best thing about Escargot is the butter. You want to drench the dish in enough butter so that you can dip your bread in. If it has no ridges, it will simply fall off to the table. This is something that you should be aware of if you plan on dual purposing this with a Takoyaki pan. Make sure the pan has a tall enough ridge to hold the butter sauce.

Oven Safe Temperature

Make sure you get a pan that has a oven safe temperature of at least 400 degree. The main way this is cooked is via the oven. Getting one with low oven safe temperature is kinda pointless. Again, cast iron is usually the best choice for this regard.

Does Nonstick Matter?

No not really. Since the dish is mostly covered in butter, it wont stick. Cleaning should be fairly easy as well. If anything, you can just soak the dish in water. This should help loosen any stuck on food.

Best Escargot Pan Thoughts

These are the things to look for. I generally prefer cast iron for my Escargot pan. Unfortunately, there arent a lot of cast iron options in America. Staub is the best one out there. The diameter is large at 1.5 inch and its made of cast iron. It also have a tall enough ridge to hold sauces. If you plan on getting a takoyaki pan as a substitute, just be aware that they usually do not have tall enough ridges to hold in the sauce. If you only plan on cooking it once or twice, then a porcelain is a great alternative. They just dont last very long and they will crack if you are not careful.

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I hope you like this Best Escargot Pan, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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