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Best Granite Stone Cookware Brands

Teflon is old news, now Granite Stone Cookware are all the range. The bumpy texture is touted as healthier and just as effective. However, this is mostly due to marketing. What most people dont know is that Stone Cookware is just another variation of Ceramic Non Stick. They have the same pitfalls and benefits of Ceramic. The Best Stone Cookware brands are those with a decent warranty and affordable price. Just dont expect anything stellar.

What is Granite Stone Cookware?

Modern Granite Stone Cookware are the ceramic pans with dimply texture. This is not a defect, it was designed this way to look like Granite. These Stone Cookware are based on the ceramic nonstick.

Traditional Stone Cookware are actually made of stone. You can find these type of cookware in Korean cookware. Those pots are known as Dolsot Pot and they are used to make Bibimbap and other stews.

In certain parts of Latin America, stone utensils are used to prepare food. Some examples are pestle and mortar, stone grinders, pottery and plates.

Are Granite Stone Cookware any good?

When they are new, Granite Stone Cookware work as well as any other nonstick. However, in a matter of 6 months to a year, the performance degrade rapidly. When that happens, micro cracks start to form and the nonstick performances will suffer. Because of that, its recommend that you do not invest too much into Granite Stone Cookware. Like any other nonstick cookware, they are ware items. They all need to be replaced eventually.

Health and Safety

One of the biggest points that Granite Stone Cookware have is the health benefits and the green factor. But even than, thats a lot of marketing.

The supposeded health benefits is a reduction in the use of oil. This means you consume less calories and lose weight. But there isnt much other benefits than that.

As for green factor, this part is true. They dont use PFOA in the manufacturing process. PFOA can cause environmental hazard and cause cancer. Because of recent news spotlight, manufacturer has stop manufacturing nonstick with PFOA. The downside is that modern nonstick is not as durable as they use to be.

How to Use

Using Granite Stone Cookware is the same as any other non stick cookware. To use it properly, never heat a pan empty. Always add oil before heating. This helps temper the pan and prevent it from getting damaged.

Splashing cold water on a hot Granite Stone Cookware is not recommended. This just cause the coating to expand and contract at a rapid rate. This only causes more micro crack and reduce its lifespan.


You should avoid using Granite Stone Cookware in a dishwasher. The intense heat will only reduce the lifespan of the coating. Hand washing is always recommended. When washing, you should use the soft side of the sponge. The nylon portion will eventually wear it down.

Best Granite Stone Cookware Brands

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Granite Stone Cookware Brands. The major difference between brands are handles, pot design and appearances. But in terms of actual performances, I think its minor.

Granitestone 13 Piece Premium Chef’s Set with Ultimate Nonstick Diamond (Best Overall)

Granitestone offers one of the best value in the market. The handle is comfortable and it stays cool to the touch. This set gives you pretty much all you need for a home kitchen. Best of all, its affordable. If one breaks, you can easily replace it without breaking the bank.

MICHELANGELO Stone Frying Pans Set 8/9.5/11 inch

MICHELANGELO is a German manufacturer of cookware. They have a long lineage of making cookware. This model uses a granite stone appearance. The handle is made of stainless steel so that it will stay cool to the touch. Whats neat about this pan is that the oven safe temperature is at 450 degree Fahrenheit.

Caannasweis Nonstick Kitchen Cookware Set

Caannasweis is unique because of its bakelite handle. Its made of plastic but it looks like wood. Its also comfortable to touch. However, the oven safe temperature is lower at around 300 degree Fahrenheit. This set is a bit more limited but should be able to do most task. Plus, you get a teapot unlike the other one.

Curtis Stone Cookware

Curtis Stone Cookware seems to pop up with stone cookware. Their brands is ok and functional. The shape of their cookware can be a little better. But nonetheless, its affordable and it works. However, better bargain can be found elsewhere.


Granite Stone Cookware are the new type of nonstick. While there is a lot of misleading information out there, they do work. The only thing I would be sure of is its limited life span. Knowing that, you should buy a brand that is affordable. Once it finally does go, you can replace it without much heart ache.

Want to know more about cookware safety? Check out our article on the Safest Non Stick Cookware.

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