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Best Pots and Pan Organizer Rack, Shelf and Cabinet

Pans are essential in cooking. They range from Saute Pan, frying pans, to sauce pots. However, the major problem with these pans is that they take up too much room. If you dont have a way to organize them, they get everywhere and become a mess. Luckily, there are a few ways you can organize it. You have options of overhead racks to shelf. The Best Pan Organizer, should be able to tidy up your cookware while making it easy to access.

How to Organize your Pan

The easiest way to organize your cookware is by stacking them. Pots and Pans come in various sizes. You can usually fit the smaller one on top of another. I recommend that you add some type of fabric to prevent scratching them. Generally models with nonstick coating need this more than the stainless steel models.

Another great way of organizing your cookware is via hooks. Most cookware have a loop handle, getting these S hooks can let you hang them vertically. Wire racks are great places to hang them. If you find that your kitchen have any sort of bar, you can hang it on that as well. If you have a wall with a wooden stud, you can drill hooks straight into the wall and hang it.

Overhead pot racks are a good way to add shelving space in a smaller kitchen. They hang on the ceiling and give you the option to hang the S hooks. They also let you store larger pots on top for easy access. Finally you can install wall shelves as a way to store more stuff.

Best Pots and Pan Organizer List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best Pan Organizer. There are a few a option on the market, choose one that best suits your need.

All-Clad, 3-Piece Set cookware protectors, Black/Grey (Best Overall)

The Best way to organize your cookware is with a simple felt divider. They let you stack them without adding excess gadget. Add these felt in between the pan and it will protect them. The downside to this design is that often time the handle get in the way. If you have a stack of pots, they become uneven. For regular pans, this isnt much of an issue.

I recommend that you put the lids on another side. Its hard to stack pan with lids on unless it was designed to be stacked.

Pan Organizer for Cast Iron Skillets, Griddles and Pots – Heavy Duty Pan Rack (Best Shelf Organizer)

This simple divider lets you stack the pots and pan horizontally or vertically. They prevent them from scratching each other and its easier to remove. You dont have to remove the top section to get the bottom pan. The downside is that it takes up more room. It is better for organizing though.

Seville Classics MEGA RACK UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 5-Tier NSF-Certified (Best Shelf for Cookware)

These racks are generic but very common in professional kitchen. They are durable and hold a lot of weight. The NSF Certification means that its food safe for kitchen professional. Best of all, these racks are perfect for the S hooks. You can hang it on the top of the rack or on the side. Best of all, it looks like a professional kitchen.

Enclume Premier 5-Foot Oval Ceiling Pot Rack (Best Roof Rack for Pots and Pan)

Enclume is the go to choice for professional kitchen. They are durable and effective. However, the issue with these rack is that you have to install them. Getting it secure can be difficult on your own. But if you manage to do so, its a great thing to have. You can hang it right above your kitchen island and its a great way of organizing.

OROPY 39 inch Pot Bar Rack Wall Mounted Detachable Pans Hanging Rail (Best for Side Wall)

This simple bar is great for using hooks to hang pots and pans. Instead of drilling straight into the wall, you can hang multiple pots, pans and utensils. Best of all, its easy to access and it looks great. This set comes with a set of 14 S hooks so that you can get started right away. I recommend some wall anchors if you plan on installing it yourself.

KES 30-Inch Kitchen Pot Rack (Best Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Organizer)

If the thought of hanging a rack from the roof scares you, you’re not a lone. It scares me also. Thankfully a easier way to hang a rack is a simple wall rack. While you need to use some wall anchor, its easier to install and in my opinion a bit more secure. This model has two tier with a bottom bar rack. This means you can store both pan on the shelf and hang them.


There are many ways to organize your pots and pans. The most simple and effective way is to use a felt divider. They let you stack them without taking up room. The downside is that they make it difficult to access the pots. A good alternative is a simple divider. However, I personally like racks where you can hang S hooks. You have many option for these S hook. Wire Rack, Roof Rack and Wall Racks are all good choice. Choose one that best suits your needs.

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