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Best Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances makes our lives easier. However, the issue with all these appliance is that they take up space. A good alternative are Small Kitchen Appliances. They are miniature version of the full size one. Some are even stand alone appliance that can do different task. The Best Small Kitchen Appliances should be compact and versatile. They range from food processor to blenders. The one you get should depends on your need.

Best Place to Buy Small Kitchen Appliances

I do most of my shopping online, but thats only because I know what I need. But for those of you who are space conscious, you might need to compare them side to side. The good thing is that most website post the physical dimension of it.

In terms of functionality, reviewing them online is actually better. You get to learn about the quirks and features. Something that is not always apparent in store. Although it might seem good initially, its actually bad in reality.

Useful Small Kitchen Appliances

There are a few different Kitchen Appliances that comes to mind. But it really comes down to the type of cooking you do. Perhaps the most notable one is the food processor. They do quick and efficient small cuts of food. They blend and crush a wide variety of food. Plus you can small batches of hummus or blend a quick salsa.

Another important appliance is a spice blender. While there are some dedicated to just spices, I find that the traditional coffee blade blender to be the best. You can get quick and potent spices as oppose to the preground one. It taste fresher and its less prone to oxidization.

Toaster Ovens are hardly consider compact, they take up space and generate a lot of heat. Leave it it to Japan to design a quick and efficient small sized toaster oven. They fit in most counter space and cooks evenly.

Finally hand blenders are great alternative to full size one. Getting one that is powerful effective is important. While they might not be able to mix bread dough, they work well for most other task such as pancake batter or beating eggs.

Best Small Kitchen Appliances List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Small Kitchen Appliances. They perform different task, choose one that best suits you.

Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven (Best Compact Toaster Oven)

This toaster oven is compact and functional. It one of the fastest toaster oven that I ever use. And it browns food to perfection. While the heating might not be as even as full size toaster oven, its perfect for whats its for. I generally use this for browning food as opposed to baking things like cookie. While most people prefer the traditional silver, the white is actually my favorite.

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper (Best Compact Food Processor)

Kitchenaid is best known for their stand mixer. However, their miniature food processor is powerful and excellent at chopping food. They even have a pouring spout to add oil when making vinegrate. I also use it to make small batches of hummus and salsa.

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender Heavy (Best Compact Blender)

Full size blenders are powerful and great for smoothies. But for the compact kitchen, these stick blenders are amazing. Mueller is a Austria based company who manufacturer high quality kitchen appliance. This 500 watt blender is powerful and good for blending soups, smoothies and other light item. While it cant crush ice, its great for smaller task and you can fit it in the drawer. You can also use the other attachment to mix and whip stuff as well.

KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder for Spice, Dry Herbs and Coffee (Best Spice Grinder)

Krups blade grinder is designed for coffee. However, they are actually excellent for spices. They turn whole spice into finely grinded spices. This model is more silent than your normal blender and the button is prominent and easy to press. I recommend shaking it a bit when blending to get the best results.

KitchenAid KHM512IC 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer (Best Compact Blender)

Mixing Eggs and pancake batter is a breeze with this hand blender. It has 5 different setting with a powerful 60 watt motor. Its not as strong as their stand mixer but it should be fine for smaller task. They come in a wide range of color and it matches the traditional kitchenaid color.


There are many Small Kitchen Appliances on the market. The one you choose should depend on your cooking. My personal favorites are the compact oven by Panasonic. Its excellent at browning and it looks cool to boot. Other good gadgets are the mini food processor and the stick blender. However, all of these models work well. They also take up less retail space than the full size model.

Looking for other gadgets, check out our article on the Best Burger Smasher.

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