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Best Sandbakkelse Tin

Sandbakkelse Tins vary in size and shape. The most common shape are the miniature fluted one that are used in making little egg tarts. Other shapes are available but those are relatively rare. While the standard fluted design comes with many different materials. If you want more instrinsint design, then you are pretty much just limited to tin. The good thing about that is Tin is actually a great material for cookie molds. Below, you will find a list of some of the best Sandbakkelse Tins around.

Best Sandbakkelse Tin

If you are looking for a more shapes and design, there is only one company that makes them. However, if you are content with just the flutted design, your options are more varied.

Norpro Tartlet Tins

Norpro Tartlet Tins are the best choice if you want to make Sandbakkelse of various shape. They are made of heavy duty tin that has a natural nonstick coating. It also transfer heat well so that you can get nice and even browning. In this set, you get a total of 36 pieces. Best of all, its quite affordable to boot.

Amytalk 12 Packs Egg Tart Mold (Best Carbon Steel Nonstick)

If you want an easy to make model then go nonstick. Cookies wont tear and you do not have to second guess it. The downside is that you are only limited to the flutted design. Which isnt bad in my opinion. These are great if you intend to make it occasionally. Since its not abused like frying pan, they will pretty much last forever. The carbon steel construction also means that it wont warp as easily as aluminum or tin.

What are Sandbakkelse?

Sandbakkelse are Norwegian almond cookies that is usually eaten during christmas. These cookies has been around for over a hundred years. However, outside of Norway, they are still relatively rare. Some Norwegian who immigrated to the USA have brought along their tin from homes and is still made during Christmas.

At its core, it taste not much different from a regular sugar cookie with almond flavoring. The center of the cookie will usually be indented. I personally like adding cream or other jam fillings but most eat it plain.

How to Use and Bake

It is recommended that you butter the mold before applying the dough. Once buttered, put a ball into the center of the mold and use your thumb. Then pivot and spread the batter across the mold evenly. With practice, you should be able to get it done quickly.

Different Materials

If you just wanted the fluted design, there are quite a bit of different material. Although you would have to look at a mini tart mold as a substitue. They look pretty much the same and can do the same function.

They come in nonstick, carbon steel, tin and aluminum. All will work and serve different skillset. The easiest is of course nonstick. However, they generally have a shorter lifespan. Carbon Steel can take a seasoning and will take a natural nonstick coating overtime. However, they can rust. Aluminum and Tin is a great choice overall. They generally do not stick as much and transmit heat fairly well. You cant go wrong with these choices.

Best Sandbakkelse Tin Thoughts

Sandbakkelse are a great Norwegian cookie to try. Whether its for nostalgic needs or you just want to eat it. Making it is not too difficult. While you can use pretty much use any mold, you cant get true Sandbakkelse without the flutted molds. The easiest one to use is of course nonstick. The carbon steel construction means it will pretty much last forever. The only downside is that you are only limited to the Egg Tart Mold shape.

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