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Egg Drop Soup Recipe 蛋花湯

Egg Drop Soup is a soup served before the main course in a traditional Chinese family meal. In Chinese it is called 蛋花湯 with the literal translation being egg flower soup. Making is it is actually a lot simpler than most people think. The soup actually uses very few ingredients, but its the quality of the ingredient is the key factor. Using a sub par chicken stock, sesame oil and green onion can have detrimental affect on the soup. This egg drop soup recipe will show you where to get and make these key ingredients. You will be amazed at how easy egg drop soup is to make. It is also perfect for those who are on a Keto Diet. Instead of using corn starch, it relies more on gelatin and egg to improve its texture.

Egg Drop Soup Keto

The egg drop soup is popular for those who are on the Keto Diet. The reason for that is because there is little to no carb. You might get some sugar from the onion, but other than that you are mostly drinking broth. Its very delicious and if you want, you can even include chicken pieces in the soup. What is even better is that this recipe is made without any Cornstarch.

Egg Drop Soup Chicken Stock

As with most soup, a good chicken stock is the basis of any soup. This seemingly simple thing can transform an mediocre soup to an extraordinary one. What is surprising is that most people do not even know how to make a good chicken stock. They muddle the flavor with all these extra vegetable and spices that they are missing the most ingredient, the chicken. The chicken flavor should be the star of the stock.

Chicken Stock Ingredients

1) 5-6 lb of chicken drum stick
2) 8 qt Pressure Cooker
3) 3 Bay Leaf
4) 2 Onion Halved
5) Water to submerge the chicken about 1-2 inch over.
That’s it. The ingredients are very simple and you do not need a lot of it. The key to this is how you prepare it.

Chicken Stock Direction

1) Chop the Chicken Drum Stick into small pieces and brown the pieces.
2) Cover the seared chicken pieces with water until it is covered with water.
3) Turn up the heat and cover the pressure cooker.
4) Once the pressure cooker reached the optimal temperature, lower the heat and wait 2-3 hrs.
5) When you strain the chicken stock, you can remove any impurities if you want.
You should have a flavorful chicken stock after doing this step. When you stick it in the fridge, the oil should float to the top. Remove any oil that you would like. Just remember, fat gives off a lot of flavor so dont remove everything.

Technique Discussion

1) Cutting up the chicken pieces into smaller pieces exposes the Bone Marrow. The bone has gelatin in it and it will improve the texture of the soup to give it more body.
2) Searing the chicken pieces transform the sugar in the chicken pieces to develop more flavor compound.
3) A more concentrated stock means more flavor. If it is too strong, you can always add more water later.
4) By using a pressure cooker, none of the liquid will be lost to steam. You will keep more of the chicken flavor compound.
5) Removing the impurities means that you have a more clear broth. Traditional French Cook obsess over this. They tend to skim as they go in a traditional stock pot. There is a easy to get around this. You can use a muslin cloth and scooped the gelified chicken into it. Once it warms, the sediment will be left in the muslin cloth. You will then have a beautiful chicken consomme.

Egg Drop Soup Recipe without Cornstarch

Making the egg drop soup is more about assembly and technique than actual cooking. Once you master the basic steps, you should be able to make perfect egg drop soup anytime.

Egg Drop Soup Ingredient List

1) Chicken Stock (Dependent on Serving Size)
2) Sliced Fresh Green Onion (whites and green part included)
3) Kadoya Sesame Oil
4) Salt and pepper to Taste
5) 1-2 beaten egg

Egg Drop Soup How to Make

1) Heat up the Chicken Stock until water boils.
2) Grab the beaten egg and pour straight down the center. Immediately turn off the heat.
3) Let the egg bloom for 10-15 second and stir.
4) Pour the soup and egg mixture into a bowl.
5) Grab the green onion and pour it onto the center.
6) Drizzle the Sesame Oil all around the soup.

Technique Discussion

1) By boiling the soup, you are letting the residual heat of the soup cook the egg. If you pour in the egg into a cold bowl of soup, the soup will be clouded and you will not get thin wisp of egg.
2) Pouring the egg down the center, will allow the egg gradually bloom to the edges of the soup. Usually the egg need some time to coagulate, 10-15 second is usually enough. You can then stir the soup to distribute the egg wisp.
3) The green onion gives a beautiful contrasting texture to the soup. Fresh one is critical as old stale one will taste slimy. You want a fresh crunch from the green onion.
4) The Sesame adds a very rich and fragrant flavor profile to the soup. I highly recommend doing this. Also doing it at the end, will give it a professional visual oil droplet appeal.

I hope you like this Egg Drop Soup Recipe without Cornstarch, for more recipe, visit our Recipe Page.

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