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Sesame Oil Guide

Our Sesame Oil Guide will try and help you get a better understanding of Sesame Oil. In Asian countries one of the most commonly used oil is Sesame Oil. Unlike olive oil, sesame oil is used primarily as a flavoring agent. While you can cook in it, doing so ruins the flavor. It has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor to it. One of the best brands you can buy is by Kadoya. Their Toasted Sesame oil has been in production for over fifty years. It is used in dishes like congee, soups and even stir fry. This simple little oil can transform an ordinary dish to an extraordinary dishes.

Sesame Oil Guide Quick Summary

Sesame Oil Quick Info
SubstituteNo readibily available Substitue, closest would be peanut oil for frying.
UsesToasted Sesame oil is mainly used as a topping for soups. Yellow Sesame oil can be used for Frying
Health BenefitsMuch like Olive Oil, sesame oil is full of poly and monounsaturated fat.
Smoke Point450 degree Fahrenheit for Refined and 350 for Unrefined
ThoughtsA great topping oil that is mostly used in Asia. Health Benefits are much like that of Olive Oil, full of health fat.
Recommended Best Sesame OilKadoya Pure Sesame Oil, 11 Fluid Ounce

Cooking with Sesame Oil Guide

Soups are one of the most popular ways of using Sesame Oil. Using it in soups like Egg Drop Soup or just plain chicken broth is very popular. You can pair it with some green onions and it will transform the dish. It can also be used as an aromatic. Mixing it in with rice and Green onion will make an otherwise bland rice, smell fragrant and delicious. Sesame oil can also be used for making dressing. If you want to give your salads an Asian kick, just add some sesame oil and miso paste. This will give the salad a signature Asian flavor that restaurant frequently uses. You can even use it in cold noodles. Mixed in some soy, cucumber and sesame oil for a quick and easy dish. I recommend garnishing with some sesame seed and green onion also.

Varieties and Flavor Profile

There are a few different varieties. The pale yellow sesame oil are usually cold press. They have a higher smoking point and are often used in South Asian Cooking. Yellow sesame oil usually have a more neutral flavor profile. The brownish color one are the toasted sesame oil. Those are the most common varieties and favored by Chinese cooks. They are used as a topping and not recommended for frying. Toasted sesame oil has a nutty and much stronger aroma to it.

Sesame Oil Substitute

Because of its unique flavor, there are no substitute to it. It is best to just get the real thing. If you are looking for an oil for cooking, then peanut oil would be the closest substitute.

Where to Buy

Sesame oil are most often found in Asian Supermarket. The most popular version is the Kadoya Oil. Although you can buy the generic version, the flavor is not as strong. If you do not have an Asian Supermarket near you, I recommend Amazon. However, expect to spend a little bit more.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of Sesame Oil is pretty long. Although I do not recommend storing it for more than one year. It is best to keep it in a sealed container where light cannot get in. Store it in a cool environment and this should prolong its life. If you can, I recommend buying one that is inside a can.

Smoke Point

Smoke Point is the temperature at which the health benefit of the oil degrade rapidly. The unrefined sesame oil has a smoke point of 350 degree Fahrenheit. Refined sesame oil has a smoke point of 450 degree Fahrenheit. As stated before, it is not recommended to use toasted sesame oil for cooking. You are paying extra for that flavor profile and it will get destroyed under high heat.

Sesame Oil Nutrition and Health Effects

Per 100 g of Sesame oil, you get 14.2 g of Saturated Fat, 38.7 g of Monounsaturated Fat and 41.7 gram of Polyunsaturated fat. What this means is that it is full of the good fat. Much like how olive oil is. It contains minor content of Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Other than that, the other values provide no significant health effect. Just be aware, if you are calorie conscience, it is a fat after all and it adds 884 Kcal. The good thing is that toasted oil are only supposed to be used sparingly.

Is Sesame Oil Gluten Free?

Yes, gluten is a protein compound that gives bread its elastic texture. Most sesame oil is made via cold pressed. Only the oil is extracted from the seed. Since no bread is involved in the production, it should be safe for those with Celiac Disease.

Sesame Oil Guide Thoughts

Sesame oil is a great oil to use. It is considered to be the Olive Oil of the east. Use it in your soups, dishes and even salads. Once you try it, you will be amazed how you went so long without it.

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