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Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top

The Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top overcomes the limitation of Electric stove. Electric stove have a difficult time heating up and changing heat. As such, you need something that will heat up fast and react with changes in temperature. Generally you want a cookware that can conduct heat really fast. Things like Copper and Aluminum are very expensive. Other alternative like multiclad cookware will work as well. I personally would avoid cast iron, but you can use it. This article will list some of the Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top.

Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top sorted by metal.

All Clad Multi Clad

In this category, All Clad Copper Core is the best option. The copper interior conducts heat really fast and will let you sear anything you need. The only issue is that they are very expensive. However, if you want the best of the best, this is the way to go.

Tramontina Gourmet (Best Buy)

For a cheaper alternative, tramontina makes a great mutli clad option. While it might not perform as well as All Clad, it comes in pretty close. It has a comfortable hand and it comes with pretty much anything you need to cook in a home kitchen.

T-Fal Ultimate Nonstick

For nonstick cookware, I generally recommend that you get the cheapest nonstick cookware. Since the longevity of the cookware is tied with the coating, expect them to last about a year or two. Once the coating goes, so does the pan. You might as well get something that you can replace without much issue.

Mauviel m250 Copper Cookware

Copper Cookware is the best cookware out there. It is one of the best heat conducting metal out there. It can sear any steaks without any issue. Subsequently, they are the most expensive and they are heavy. However, if you are willing to spend the money you will have the best cookware money can buy. Mauviel makes the best in this category. The 250 series uses a 2.5 mm thick copper to give you the best balance of heat and heat conductivity.

What Cookware is compatible with Electric Stove

Generally anything that can have contact with the coils will be compatible. Cast Iron like Le Creuset, Stainless Steel, Aluminum is all good. It works by conducting heat directly to the pan. You want something that has a nice flat surface to make maximum amount of contact. If there is a ring on the bottom, I recommend that you avoid those.

For things like induction, you need a pan that is ferrous. Anything that is magnetic will work like stainless steel. You can check to see if its compatible by just sticking a magnet on it.

Limitation of Electric Stove Top

The biggest drawback of electric stove top is the poor heat control. When it gets hot, it gets really hot. But there is also an issue of not staying hot. Some will cycle its power to on and off to protect it from shorting it out. This can cause frustration when cooking, especially when you need the heat.

Another issue is with the electric coils, those take a long time to cool down. So the only heat setting you have is really hot. You can get around this by putting it on another burner, but who really does that. In a gas stove, you can just shut off the heat to cool it down.

The cookware also needs to be completely flat. If the it is not in contact with the pan, it will not be able to effectively heat the pan. Where as gas stove can reach the uneven surface of a cookware. If you have a really flat cookware, its not much of an issue. But it is something you should be aware about.

Whether we don’t have access to a gas line or we just cant change out the stove. Some of us are stuck with using an electric stove top. That is not to say you cannot cook on a electric stove top, Julia Child famously cooked on electric coil on her show.

Preventing Scratches on Glass Electric Stove Top

Scratches occurs frequently on glass stove top. Just from moving the pan around or just a small scrape. Its pretty much unavoidable. You can reduce the chances of this happening by using enamel base cast iron. Their smooth bottom helps dull the scratches. You can also avoid it by not shaking the pan around. If you must shake it, then lift it up and away from the stove top.

You should keep the bottom of your pan clean so also the stove top. This way no crusted food sediment can leave a marr. When not in use, consider laying a matt on top of the stove top.

Cookware Materials

Certain cookware can overcome these characteristic but they all have its drawback. Copper for instance can heat up fast and reacts with changes in temperature. The issue with copper cookware is that they are expensive and heavy. Not a lot of people are willing to spend that much money on cookware.

Aluminum with nonstick coating are actually a good choice. They are light and will respond well to heat. The only issue is that they are not that great for searing food. You need something that is heavy duty to take in all the heat. The nonstick coating will also break down overtime so its not something you will keep forever.

Multiclad cookware uses the best quality of different metal. The center for example will be either copper or aluminum. This can conduct heat well and let you sear a beautiful crust. The stainless steel exterior will make it easy to clean as well. Sticking is a big issue though and so is the price. Luckily, there are some affordable alternative.

Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top Thoughts

As you can see, these different categories both have their pros and cons. you should choose one that best suit your need. For most people, that would be the nonstick category, they are affordable and nothing will stick. However, they are far from the best. Copper is obviously the best but cost a lot. Which leads you to the multi clad option which is the middle ground.

I hope you like this Best Cookware for Electric Stove Top Article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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