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Best Pancake Pan

The Best Pancake Pan has low sides, comfortable handle, has nonstick capability and heats evenly. These characteristic is key to getting that perfectly golden pancake. Getting a pan that has tall sidewall makes it difficult to flip food. A pan that sticks means that your pancake will get ruined. A pan with poor heat distribution will result is sloppy pancake. All of these things is important when choosing the best pancake pan. This article will talk about the limitation and of how different material and design affects the cooking of pancake.

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Best Pancake Pan Construction

There are many different metals that are used in a pancake pan. It ranges from cast iron to aluminum. We will discuss how each will have an effect on cooking.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is perhaps one of the most popular materials used for cooking breakfast. And its popular for good reason. As you use it, it develops a nonstick coating. There is no chemical involved unlike Teflon pans. It also holds heats well letting you cooking and sear other food as well. The only issue with Cast Iron Cookware is that they have really poor distribution of heat. On the first heat up, there will be cold spots everywhere. This is part of the reason you hear that the first pancake always fail. However, if you heat it up slowly, then this issue should be alleviated.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel shares the same property as Cast Iron. You can often find them in restaurant because of their durability. It develops a nonstick coating overtime and holds heat well. However, it weight half of what cast iron do. Because of this, it cant hold as much heat as cast iron. But for the sake of pancakes it should not really matter.


Nonstick pans are the most common pan today. As long as you have one in good condition, almost nothing will stick. It made cooking accessible to millions. The issue is that overtime, will get destroyed. You will basically have to replace it. Luckily most nonstick cookware are dirt cheap.

The metal that they use is usually aluminum. Aluminum is very good at conducting heat. It heats up fast and does not have the heat spot issue like cast iron and carbon steel. Overall, if you are willing to spend 15-40 dollar every few year for a pan, then this is the way to go.

Stainless Steel

I do not recommend using a stainless steel pan. They stick if you do not heat it up and oil it properly. While there are some people who make it work, I guarantee you that you are asking for trouble. For things like steaks and sauteing, stainless steel is a great choice. But for pancakes, I recommend that you avoid it.


The sidewalls should be low. This lets you reach under the food with a spatula. Tall sidewalls get in the way and not only that, they force you to put all the pancake near the center. You actually get more done with a lower sidewall. The only downside to a low sidewall is that there is more oil splatter.


For these type of pans, handle affects how comfortable they are and how easy they are to use. Metal handle are more durable but they get hot. Plastic one usually have a lower oven safe temperature. But since pancake does not require the use of a oven, its not that important. Handles are affixed via a few method. The cast iron ones are usually one single piece with the pan. They last the longest and are unlikely to break. Metal one are usually held on by rivets. They are the second best choice. Handles who are attached via screws are the worse. They get loose over time and some manufacturer even have screws that prevent you from fixing it. They type of handle you get should depend on what your preference is.

Best Pancake Pan (Cast Iron)

Lodge Griddle Pan
Country of ManufacturerUSA
MaterialCast Iron
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
ShapeThe low sidewall makes it easy to flip and turn food. The tiny lip is raised just enough so that any grease will be held in place. You can use it to fry bacon as well.
HandleThe handle is one single piece with the pan. It wont break and get loose overtime. However, it will get hot. Overall, these are the handle you want. They last the longest.
PriceVery affordable, you really cant go wrong and it wont break. If on some off chance that it does break, you can always replace it easily.
ThoughtsOne of the best pan for making pancakes. The low sidewall means that you can fit more pancake in a single pan. The heavy cast iron construction also means that it will hold heat well. Just remember to heat up the pan slowly before use. This ensures a even heat around the pan and that the pancake wont get ruined on the first batch.
Reviewed CookwareLodge 17L9OG3 Griddle Cast Iron, 10.5 Inch

Best Pancake Pan (Carbon Steel)

Minderal B Crepe Pan
Country of ManufacturerFrance
MaterialCarbon Steel
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
ShapeThe low sidewall makes it easy to flip and turn food. As like Lodge, it has a bit of a lip to help keep in the grease. The sides are also sloped to make it easier to slip in a spatula.
HandleThe handle affixed via two rivets. It is angled up and toward the user making it easier to control. While the handle can get hot, I recommend you just use a glove to hold it. It’s not the most comfortable handle, more industrial than consumer oriented.
PricePretty expensive, however, it is one of the best lightweight alternative to cast iron. It is also made in France.
ThoughtsWhile this is designed more for crepes, they are still the perfect vessel for making pancakes. The lightweight construction are great for those who want a easier pan to maneuver. I recommend heating it up slowly to remove heat spot issues.
Reviewed CookwareMINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Crepe/Tortilla Pan

Best Pancake Pan (NonStick)

OXO Good Grip Griddle Pan
Country of ManufacturerUnclear Probably China
MaterialAluminum with Nonstick
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top
ShapeA unique square shape. You should be able to fit four mid size pancake with ease. In fact, it is easier to fit four than the other due to the extra space. like the other, it has a small lip to allow for easy turning.
HandleThe handle is all metal and is affixed via rivets. It is the most comfortable out of the bunch. Great if you have arthritis or issue carrying things.
PriceRelatively expensive for a nonstick pan. However, it should perform the best in terms of nonstick. If you really want the best, they are the way to go.
ThoughtsThis is the best nonstick pan of the bunch. It’s square shape lets you fit more pancake in a single pan. It is also the lightest out of the bunch, perfect if you cant lift heavy cast iron pan. The handle is also really comfortable.
Reviewed CookwareOXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Dishwasher safe 11″ Square Griddle

Best Pancake Pan Thoughts

These are the Best Pancake Pan in each category. They come in many different configuration. You should get one that suits your need. For a Heavy Duty pan, go with lodge. It will basically last forever. For a lighter version, go with mineral B. It has similar performance to lodge. For a nonstick one, I recommend that you stick with OXO.

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I hope you like this Best Pancake Pan, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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