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Best Shabu Shabu Pot

The Best Shabu Shabu Pot brings a family together. This dish is meant to be shared in a family setting. These pots come in a variety of configuration. In Japan, one of the most popular one is the electric variety. It is easy to use and can be done right on the table. However, if you do not want a electric pot, you can always use a portable stove. In these situation, any low flaring pots will work. This article will list some of the Best Shabu Shabu Pot around.

Best Shabu Shabu Pot List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Shabu Shabu Pot. We will list them by configuration. You should find one that suits best for you.

Le Creuset Braiser (Cast Iron)

The cast iron version are the most versatile. You can use it for traditional cooking or you can use it for shabu shabu. The heavy cast iron construction means that it can hold the heat and keep it hot. This braiser has sloping sides so that the food will be easier to get. It is also one of the most beautiful pot around. The downside to this is that you need a portable gas stove on the table.

Lodge Braiser (Best Buy)

For a more affordable option, Lodge makes a pretty good braiser. However, the sides of it does not slop in towards you like lodge. Nevertheless the enamel is beautiful like le creuset and it also holds the heat well.

Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet (Electric)

Zojirushi is one of the best cookware manufacturer around. They make a wide variety of cookware from rice cooker to thermos. This shabu shabu pot can be heated on the stove top with electricity. If you cannot use fire on the table, this is a great option. It also has a nonstick coating meaning that its easy to clean.

Aroma Housewares ASP-137 (Best Buy)

For a more affordable option, aroma is a good choice. It uses a electric coil to heat up the plate. The plate is nonstick like the zojirushi model and you can grill and fry like it also.

Shabu Shabu with Divider

For a pot with a divider, you can get a stainless steel model with a slight curve. This model lets you make a slight ying yang shape soup. This pot is compatible with gas, electric and induction stove top. Making it compatible with any portable stove top.

Shabu Shabu Hot Pot w/Divider by City (Electric)

For a electric model with a portable stove top, try the electric model. Just be aware, they are not as durable as a dedicated gas or electric stove top. I would only get this for convenience.

What is Shabu Shabu?

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese dish that consists of meats, vegetable and tofu that is boiled in broth. This type of dish has it origins in China. Their version is called hot pot and uses the same concept, food boiled in broth. The main difference is the choice of broth and food.

At the table side, there will usually be dipping bowl full of condiments. Some of the more popular are ponzu sauce and Seasame sauce. The Chinese love using satay sauces as their dipping sauce.

Both Shabu Shabu and Hot Pot are designed to be eaten with a family gathering. Although some restaurant will have single serving hotpot. Every member will usually get their own bowl of rice.

Different version of Shabu Shabu Pot

At its core, a shabu shabu pot is a pot with two handles. Essentially, any pot that has a moderately tall slide sides can be used. It is preferable to get one that has a slanted wall so food wont drop in. Braisers are a good choice to get. However, if you do get these models, you need a portable gas stove in order to heat it. Induction stove top will work as well. I generally recommend braisers that are made of cast iron. They hold heat well and keep the pot hot.

There are other variety of pots that dividers in them. They are great if you want a different choice of broth. You can also use it for those who are vegetarian. One side will only be used for meat and the other vegetables. If you want, you can get a bowl for the separate broth. You can drink the broth and pair it with rice and sides.

In Japan and most Asian Household, the electric shabu shabu pot is a favorite. They are quite versatile and come with a variety of plate. They come in a flat plate and grilling plate. You can make different food like burgers or grilled vegetables. They are a great alternative to a traditional gas stove.

How do you use a Shabu Shabu Pot?

Using it is quite simple. You will usuallly put the pot in the center of the table. Heat up the liquid and have the guest dip the food in the broth. You can heat up the pot on a separate stove top but it wont stay hot. So its best to have a heating element on the table. However, if you do want to keep a hot pot on the table, you need to use a trivet to prevent it from burning the table.

Are Hot Pot Safe?

In general yes. But you should be cautious. A simple accident can cause burns. If you have a family member who are a little clumsy, then I recommend serving them a bowl of broth on the side.

Best Shabu Shabu Pot Thoughts

Overall, these are some of the best hot pot around. You should find the model that suits you best. For the most versatile shabu shabu pot, go for Le Creuset. You can cook a wide variety of things from steaks to hot pot. However, for a electric model, zojirushi makes the best around. However, if you need a pot with a divider, you can get a separate model. They dont last as long as the other model though.

I hope you like this Best Shabu Shabu Pot article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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