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Best Kitchen Utility Knife

The Best Kitchen Utility Knife is around 6 inch, light and nimble. Sometimes it is called a petty knife and it is the alternative to a paring knife. You can cut longer food like cheese or just slice and chop a small onion. In my opinion, it is the 4th recommended knife in your kitchen. However, there are various things you should consider. Stuff like handle, weight and feel is all important. What you should choose depends on your preference. This article will list some of the Best Kitchen Utility Knife around and discuss its merits.

Best Kitchen Utility Knife List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Kitchen Utility Knife. You should choose one that best suit your need. They come in various price point and design.

Wusthof Utility Knife (Best Overall)

Wusthof is one of the biggest german knife manufacturer around. They are synonomous with quality and their classic series featured a forged steel. In terms of durability and versatility, you cannot go wrong.

Their utility knife is six inches, light and nimble. You can use it for both fine carving work and general cutting of fruits and meat. The handle is thin and light so its easy to maneuver with your finger as well. It is truly one of the best designed utility knife around.

KRAMER 5.5-inch Prep Knife (Best for Dicing and Cutting)

Bob Kramer is the only a abs master blade smith that specializes in Kitchen knife. His knives have months long waiting list just to be made. You can often see his knives go on sale for thousands of dollar in auctions. Luckily, he partnered with zwilling to mass produce his knife for the regular consumer.

This Damascus 5.5 inch prep knife is great for general cutting. The blade has an extremely hard rating of 62 plus. This lets it hold a wicked sharp edge that is perfect for general cutting. However, the handle is a bit bulky and not suited for fine carving work.

Victorinox 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife (Best Value)

Victorinox is a professional Kitchen Favorite. They are the cheap and holds an edge well. The plastic handle helps you maintain grip even if you are cutting with greasy food. It is perfect for doing any smaller task that requires precision. The handle is a bit bulky though.

Tojiro DP Petty/Utility Knife (Best Japanese Utility Knife)

For a Japanese utility knife, you cannot go wrong with Tojiro. They use a vg-10 core that holds an edge really well. It has a rockwell hardness scale of around 60 and the handle is light and nimble. The blade length is also around 6 inch letting you use it for general cutting and fine work. It is also affordable to boot. I could not find any official angle information but it should be less than 15 degree.

What to look for in a Kitchen Utility Knife?

While your preference may differ, generally you want something that is around six inch and have a good feel. I personally prefer something that has a solid wood handle, although a plastic handle can be good for maintaining grip. This is important when you cut greasy and wet food, the last thing you want is it for to slip out of your hand.

I would also get a knife that has a relatively thing handle. While big beefy handle is comfortable to hold. They can get in the way when you try to maneuver it with your fingers. A handle with no sharp burrs is preferred.


For a Kitchen utility knife, the blade is usually around 5-6 inch. My experience says that 6 inch is the best to use. The shorter one gets too close to a paring knife.

There are various height to it as well and that depends on what you want to do with it. For thicker longer blade, those are better for smaller dicing and chopping of food. Thin blades are better suited for fine work like carving. You can also use it to carve and shave corn.


There are various hardness that comes with these blade. Since a paring knife is mostly used to do fine work, the harder the knife is the better. A hard knife can hold the edge better than a softer knife. But they can be prone to chipping if you cut hard items. When you use a utility knife, it is unlikely that you will cut hard stuff like chicken bones or butter nut squash. For that reason, a harder knife will be better. I will personally look for a knife that has a rock well hardness of 58 plus.

The angle of the blade will also affect how sharp it is. Harder knife can hold a steeper angle. Japanese blades will usually have an angle of 15 degree or lower. While German will have a typical angle or around 20 degree.

Best Kitchen Utility Knife Thoughts

These are some of the Best Kitchen Utility Knife around. My most versatile and favorite is the one by Wusthof. The light weight and thin handle makes it perfect for general cutting and fine carving. However, for cutting cheese and longer food, the comfortable handle and sharp blade of the kramer is better. If you want a best buy, the one by victorinox is hard to beat. They hold an edge well and its really affordable! For a Japanese one, Tojiro Dp is a great choice. It is much cheaper than their competition and one of the hardest as well. You should choose one that best suits your need, but really, any of these knife will serve you well.

I hope you like this Best Kitchen Utility Knife article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Cutlery page.

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