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Best Knife Holder, Magnetic Strip and Block

Whats better than two knives? Many knives. However, there is a downside to this, there are knives everywhere. Getting an effective knife holder is key. In my opinion, the best and most useful knife storage is the traditional knife block. But concerns to bacteria and space concerns leads people to seeking other alternative. Magnetic strips or those noodle straw storage design are becoming increasingly popular, but they too have inherent flaws. To make it easier on you, we have compiled a list of the Best Knife Holder, Magnetic Strip and Blocks.

Best Knife Holder, Magnetic Strip and Block List

Below you will find a list of some of the best knife holder on the market. I have segmented them base on categories, choose one that best suit your need. I recommend you reviewing the pros and cons of each category. It is below this section for your review.

J.A. Henckels International Hardwood Knife Block 11 Slot (Best Overall)

If you want simple and easy to use knife block, then J.A. Henckels is a fantastic choice. This block has a generous and wide opening on top. You can fit larger blades like those from Bob Kramer. Best of all, its slim and takes little room. This model is horizontally slotted so make sure that fits your need.

WoodSom Magnetic Knife Strip (Best Magnetic Strip Holder)

WoodSom makes a fantasitc wooden knife strip. They come in various length so finding one that suits your kitchen is not a problem. The magnet is strong and its unlikely to fall off. What I like most about this is the wooden dowel. They hide the screws to give it a seamless look. No exposed screws in your kitchen.

Cook N Home Universal Knife Storage Holder (Best Universal Knife Holder)

If you want a model where it has the straw design. Then Cook N Homes makes a good model. Theirs is compact and even comes with a slot for scissor. This model is made of bamboo so your carbon footprint is lower.

Different Type of Knife Holders

There are many different type of knife holder on the market. Each with their pros and cons. You should examine what each of them are and see if it suits your need.

Wooden Knife Block

Knife Blocks are the most traditional and easy to use knife holder. They are generally custom made to a set or you can get a universal one. Two things to consider when buying the knife blocks are the width of the slot and the length. That will generally determine what kind of knife you can hold. If you have a particularly special or wide knife, check the width of the overall slot.

You can find knife block in two type of configuration, vertical or horizontal. I personally have a preference for the horizontal one. But also found no issue using the vertical style.

Generally the set that can hold more knives are better value. However, unless you have the right type of knife, they will most likely be useless. Choice of wood makes little difference.


Whats so great about these wooden knife block is ease of use.

– They slide in and out easily. Taking out the knife and storing it takes literally no effort.

– They wont dull or nick your knifes edge like the other holder.


Generally the issue with knife block is space and hygeine.

– Storing wet knife can let bacteria grow. If you dont dry it properly, mold might grow on the block itself.

– Space wise, knife block takes up a lot of room. Try to find a slim model or one that is big enough to hold all your knife.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Strips are a favorite in professional kitchen. They provide easy access and save space. Today, they are gaining popularity among home kitchen. The downside to these strips is that they are generally made of metal. If you pull it the wrong way, you can knife the edge of the blade. One way to get around this is to get magnetic strips that are covered in wood.

Other issues is general safety. If you have kids or pets around, it is very easy for them to bump into it. All the knife is exposed and hanging in the air. If you are not careful and grab the knife haphazardly, get a band aid ready.

Furthermore, mounting it takes a bit of skill. While its not too difficult, it can be a challenge to those who dont have the right tool. Its generally recommended to install it at a location with a stud for strength. If there is no stud, you can use dry wall anchor to reinforce it. If you do it improperly, it can tear straight off the wall.


– Easy Access to the knife.
– Takes Little to no counter space.


– Exposed blades can be dangerous to kids or pets.
– Metal Magnetic Strip and nick and dull the Edge of the Blade.

Universal Knife Holder

These universal knife holders usually comes with those plastic spaghetti looking straw. They are great if you have a range of different size knife. However, there are inherent issue with it. First is that its really difficult to put knife in. Every time I try to insert a knife, it takes a lot of force. Further more, since the edge of the knife cut the plastic, it dulls the edge as well.

Bacteria growth is another thing. Since there is little to no air to breath, you need to dry it properly. Luckily most of these model have removable part so you can at least wash it.

Some of the more Unique Models will just have individual plastic slots. These are generally better and preferable than the plastic universal holder.

– Compact and Can fit any Knife


– Difficult to store knife.
– Can dull the Edge.
– If not cared for, it can harbor bacteria.


You can never have too many knives. However, storing it can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are many options out there. I personally prefer the traditional wooden block, but they can be cumbersome and space heavy. Other options include magnetic knife strip or just universal knife block. Just be aware that they have inherent problem such as safety and ease of use. Choose one that best suit your need.

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