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Best Duck Press

Nothing gets more french than a solid brass duck press. This magnificent and expensive tool dons the halls of some of the most prestige kitchen. However, most people do not even know what it does. Some might get the impression that you use this tool to squish whole duck. While there might be some nefarious implication, the actual implication is a little less savage. Although thats not to say that some people wont use it that way.

What is a Duck Press used for?

If you look at the amazon review, you will see unfavorable, yet hilarious review of the duck press. While that might be their true experience, the main use of the Press is to extract the jus out of a partially cooked duck. You use the carcass and other ingredient to press out all the jus. Once extracted, you can make a flavorful sauce out of it. They will often serve it with a side of roast duck legs.

Other use of this press involves making margarita or other drinks. The press can pretty much squeeze anything, much like a hydraulic press.

How to Use

To use a Duck Press, load the meat, bones and other ingredients into the chamber. Place the cover over it and turn the handle. As you turn, the pressure will increase. You will then see liquid come out of the spout. Be sure to have a jar or bowl to catch all the juice.

Chinese Wor Shu Duck aka Almond Press Duck

Wor Shu Duck (窩燒鴨) is a Chinese dish where the duck is deep fried and served with sauced and crushed almond. It has nothing to do with the French Duck Press, although it does share a similar name. Both are good dish in its own right but has no use for a Duck Press.

Best Duck Press List

Since there are not a lot of manufacturer around, your choice of press are limited. The good news is that they are all made of solid brass and performs exceptionally. You cant really go wrong with it, but then again, for the price, it should work.

Matfer Bourgeat Duck Carcass Press

Matfer Bourgeat is one of the largest french cookware manufacturer. Their products cater to kitchen professionals, building tools that will last a lifetime. Their press is made of solid heavy brass. The inside is lined with tin to prevent any metallic flavor from leeching in. If you want a Duck Press that will last a lifetime, then look no further than Matfer Bourgeat.

Paderno World Cuisine Bronze Duck Press (Best Alternative)

If you just want a different brand, then paderno is a great choice. They are a Italian Manufacturer of cookware appliance. While I personally dont think they have the prestige of Matfer Bourgeat, their product is still some of the best around. Interesting enough, it says the item is bronze, but it looks like brass to me. I dont know, use your best judgement. But I personally think brass is better than bronze, looks cooler as well.


A Duck Press is expensive and great for extracting juice. But in my opinion, its more for decor than anything else. I have a feeling that most who buy it, is mainly interested in it as a center piece, myself included. If you want a much cheaper alternative, you can always buy a Bottle Jack and invert it. Its less effort and cheaper. You just have to modify it to work to your application.

Want to know more about Matfer Bourgeat? Check out our Review on Matfer Carbon Steel Pan.

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