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Best Rice Dispenser

A rice dispenser is a great way to organize and store your food. No longer will you have half full sacks of rice or large jars of rice. They use a rectangular shape to keep thing small and compact. These rice dispenser also dispense rice that is sealed off from the main container. This prevent things like bugs or other containment from entering the chamber. However, I doubt the accuracy of the measurement. The Best Rice Dispenser should be easy to read and fit right in your cabinet.

Which Size to Get?

There are two sizes that are available, the 20 ish lb dispenser or the 50 lb dispenser. If you have a larger family or buy food in store like costco, then I recommend the 50 lb model. Most of the larger bags are at 50 lb. The lesser size bags will range from 10-15 lb.

I personally think its less work to get the bigger bag. Because the chance of you mixing the rice goes up with smaller bags. Soon the water ratio will be off from one batch to another.

However, if you plan on eating multiple type of rice, then it might be better to get the smaller one. Short Grain Japanese Rice will be segmented from the long grain jasmine rice. Since most model are compact and rectangular they will fit neatly next to each other.

Are the Measurement Accurate?

Its iffy at best. How the mechanism work is that a lever is pulled and a certain amount is dispense. Kind of like a gumball machine. If you truly want accurate result, then I would use a scale. Other than that, just dispense and use the manufacturer measuring cup to measure the quantity of water.


A major issue that a lot of these rice dispenser have is general durability. The metal and some plastic model needs to use thin plastic to keep the overall weight down. So its not uncommon for these unit to arrive dented. Plastic Japanese model, usually those with Japanese lettering are generally more robust. While most people assume that an all metal option is better, this is not true for rice dispenser. If you want something to last, I recommend sticking with plastic.

Best Rice Dispenser List

There are quite a few different rice dispenser on the list. I suspect that most people who is reading this, wants a traditional Japanese Rice Dispenser. However, things made from foreign market can be just as good. Nevertheless, I have included some of each category.

MK Weighing Rice bin (Best Japanese Rice Dispenser)

If you want a well known Japanese rice dispenser, the MK Seiko brand is the way to go. This particular model is the modern streamline version. Where as the Traditional Model usually have four peg legs. However, I think this is more compact and easier to store. It has a capacity of 33 kg so it should last a good long time before any refills. At the base there are two lever for different rice measurement, 15 g and 100 g.

TAYAMA PG-25R 25kg Rice Dispenser (Best Buy)

While the other model works well, its a little bit expensive. For a more affordable option, check out Tayama brand. Its a simple plastic container that does its just well. While the front level indicator could be bigger, you should be able to judge its overall capacity from it.

Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser (Best 20 Lb Rice Dispenser)

If you need something a little smaller, than Aroma is a great option. The lever dispense about 1 cup of rice each time. I would double check with your cup to make sure though. The body is sleek and compact, there are no weird protrusion so that it can fit snugly in a corner. Best of all, its affordable and wont break the bank.

Rice Dispenser Container Cereal Bean Storage Bin (Best 25 lb Japanese Rice Dispenser)

For those of you who are Japanese purist, then this Japanese model might be better than aroma. The plastic is sturdy and unlikely to dent like the other models. The only downside is that you have to assemble it after purchase. Although that in itself is not that much of a challenge.


A rice dispenser is a great way to organize your home. Models which are rectangular and compact are easiest to store. They help prevent from getting into the rice and generally keep it dry. Just be aware that the measurement arent always accurate. While the expensive model might seem to be the best, I personally think the Japanese Best Buy model are the best bang for your bunk. They are durable and generally work well. Remember, just because its expensive, doesn’t mean its better.

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