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Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review

Cuisinart Rice Cooker is designed to make cooking rice easy. No longer do you have to hover over the stove top. No more burnt or under cooked rice. With a simple press of the button this machine will automatically make you perfect rice every time. It seems like a amazing device with a snazzy box design. However, what most are unaware of this type of rice cooker has been around for over 50 years. The same principle of operation is still the same. This review will take a closer look at the design and features of Cuisinart Rice Cooker. We will see whether they have innovated or just repackaged the rice cooker.

Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review Quick Summary

Cuisinart Rice Cooker
ColorsStainless Steel
Brand AwarenessUSA
Capacity4, 8 , 10 cups
Steamer BasketYes
ThoughtsA good rice cooker with a sleek box design. However, its not anything new. You can find similar and possibly cheaper rice cooker from other manufacturer. I personally will stick with zojirushis rice cooker.
Reviewed CookwareCuisinart CRC-800 8-Cup Rice Cooker, Silver

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Cuisinart Rice Cooker Design

At its core Cuisinart Rice Cooker works just like any other rice cooker. When you press the power button, it heats up the rice and water. How the rice cooker know when its done is when it reaches temperature of 212 degree Fahrenheit. When that occurs, it flips a switch and it tells the machine that the rice is done.

You might wonder why 212 degree? 212 degree is the maximum temperature it can reach before it converts to steam. Of course this varies depending on where you are relative to sea level. Once all moisture has been driven out, the pot of the rice cooker will rise in temperature. In general this design works pretty well.

If you look at the base of Cuisinart rice cooker, it has a spring like heating element. Almost all rice cookers uses this type of design. The main difference that Cuisinart has is the beautiful stainless steel box.

Their steam basket design is also available in many rice cooker available. How it work is by using the residual steam from water to cook food.

How to Use Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Using Cuisinart Rice Cooker is pretty simple. Use the provided measuring cup and measure the amount of rice you want to cook. I recommend measuring by cups and not half cup. This lets you measure the water content a lot easier.

Rinse the rice in water to rid it of excess starch. If you skip this step, this can cause the rice to clump up and become gummy.

Once done, return the rice to the pot and measure the water amount based on the marking of the pot. If its 1 cup, then fill it to one cup. Just be aware that depending on the rice, the water quantity might need to be changed.

Cover the pot and press the power button. Once the flip switch, I recommend waiting for 5 more minute before eating. The rice cooker will keep the rice indefinitely. However, its best to remove it after 6 or more hour. Sticking it in the fridge will reduce the chance of it spoiling.

Steaming Vegetables and More

If you want to steam vegetables and fish, just flip the steamer basket upward. Place food inside it and cover it. When the rice cook, the steam will heat up and cook the vegetable. I recommend cutting up larger vegetables so that it can cook through. For broccoli, I recommend that you separate the florets with the stalk. Stalks tend to take longer to cook. Cut it into smaller chunks if you can.

Sticking and Cleaning

The cooking pot is coated in nonstick. This helps prevent the rice from latching onto the bowl. Overtime, this coating will wear down and rice will start to stick. If you got this brand new, I recommend that you wash the rice outside the bowl. This prevent abrasion on the coating and make it last longer. There are a lot of rice washing basin available on amazon. I recommend the Inotama Model.

Cuisinart Rice Cooker 8 Cup vs 4 Cup Model

In general, you should buy the size that you will use the most. The 8 cup can cook lower quantity but they are not designed for that. If you plan on only eating 1 or 2 cup, then get the smaller model. They tend to make better rices if you get the right size.


Cuisinart Rice Cooker is a pretty good rice cooker. It makes cooking rice easy and gets the job done. However, this is not a new design. There are tons of manufacturer of rice cooker that do the same task. What do set them apart is the beautiful stainless steel box. However, if that is not important to you, there are other cheaper option. If anything, why not go with Zojirushi, they are a leading rice cooker manufacturer.

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I hope you like this Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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