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Best Mauviel Copper Cookware

Mauviel is one of the oldest and largest French manufacturer of Copper Cookware. Their cookware is considered to be some of the best in the industry. You can even find some cookware that is over a hundred years old. Their traditional line of cookware uses tin lining with pure copper. However, there are issues associated with it. They wear down and it can melt. Modern cookware uses stainless steel lining to combat this. The Best Mauviel Copper Cookware uses a thick slab of copper with a stay cool handle.

Who is Mauviel?

Mauviel was founded in 1830 in Normandy. Unlike most other manufacturer, most of their product is hand crafted in France. They are one of the few companies that is still owned by the same family who started it. While their main focus is on copper cookware, recently they have moved on to stainless steel and other cookware.

In the states, Mauviel is relatively unknown. However, in France, they are the go to choice in many top kitchen. In terms of performance, they rival if not exceed other French Cookware.

Why is Mauviel So Expensive?

Mauviel is considered a premier cookware. They use some of the best metals that can be used in cookware. Some of those metals are Copper and Brass. They resist rust and has some of the best thermal conductivity out of all the metals. What this means is that it heats up fast and has even thermal distribution across the whole pan.

Copper itself is not cheap and most manufacturer shy away from it. This lets manufacturer who specialize in this to carve a niche. As a result, they can charge more money than the generic brands.

Finally, most of Mauviel cookware is hand crafted by artisan. These craftsman have been honing their craft for years. They command a higher salary then your standard Chinese made cookware.

Best Mauviel Cookware

Since their inception, Mauviel have made a lot of iteration in their cookware line. They all have slight variation in construction, but these variation greatly impact how it performs.

Mauviel M’Tradition

Mauviel M Tradition line is their professional grade cookware. It uses the thickest cookware with tin lining. They perform the best and generally demands the highest price. However, tin requires constant monitoring when cooking. If you overheat the pan, you can easily ruin the tin. But if you can look past that, its the best performing of the bunch.

In this line, I highly recommend the Rondeau. This rondeau is versatile and uses one of the thickest slab of copper. Just be aware, these handles uses brass and it gets hot.

Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Bimetal 250 vs 150

This line of cookware uses copper with a stainless steel lining. It does away with the downfall of tin. Stainless Steel wont wear down, nor will it melt. However, to enthusiast, they say it does not perform as well. In my opinion, performance difference is really minor.

In this series, you have a 250 and 150. The 250 lines uses a 2.3mm thick copper with a .2 stainless steel lining. This lets the pan hold more heat and perform better when searing. It also has the best heat distribution.

The 150 line uses 1.3mm copper with .2mm stainless steel. These are more responsive and heats up faster. However, the heat distribution and heat capacity is lower. This line is better for boiling liquid but worse at searing.

If you have to choose one, I recommend the m250 model. Its simply better and you only pay a bit more.

In this line, you can either get the brass or stainless steel with black coating. I recommend the stainless steel if you want a simple easy to use pan. But I personally prefer the brass handle for appearance and tradition.

Mauviel Carbon Steel M’Steel

This line of Mauviel Cookware is more modern. It uses carbon steel as its main construction. Carbon Steel has a lot of the same properties of cast iron. It develops a nonstick coating and holds a lot of heat. However, what sets it apart is that its at half the weight. This line of cookware performs well, however, it commands a high price. Performance difference with American Made Cast Iron like Lodge is minimal and I recommend going for those instead.

Mauviel Stainless Steel M’Cook Line

The M’Cook line is Mauviel attempt to get into stainless steel cookware. It uses a fully cladded construction that is similar to All Clad. The exterior and interior uses stainless steel with the center being aluminum. This gives it the benefit of stainless steel with the heating properties of aluminum. This line performs well but compared to All Clad, I think its inferior. I personally would just stick with All Clad. The good thing is that the price is very competitive. So its a good way of getting a set of French Cookware at an affordable price.

Mauviel 1830 Tri Ply Copper

Mauviel tri ply uses a fully cladded design like the M’Cook line. The major difference is that the exterior is copper. However, the thickness of copper is so thin that it offers little performance. I recommend against this line. You get the downside of copper with little of the benefit. You constantly have to polish it to keep it look good. You also pay a premium for it.

Best Mauviel Copper Cookware Thoughts

Mauviel is considered to be one of the Best Cookware around. You simply cant beat the performance of their copper cookware. Models that uses at least 2mm of copper is recommended. The Tradition and Heritage line is best. Recently, Mauviel dabbled into Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel for their cookware. While they do working, you are mostly paying for branding. In my opinion, there are better alternative. Choose one that best suits you.

Want to know how Mauviel stacks up against All Clad? Check out our Mauviel vs All Clad article.

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