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Best Frittata Pan

Frittata are a combination of egg, vegetables and meats. Its a complete meal in one. Its no wonder that its so loved. However, the hardest thing about making Frittata is the all famous flip. Do it wrong and you ruin the shape. Only skilled chef are able to make perfect Frittata each time. For us normal people, a Frittata Pan makes it a lot easier. These Frittata Pan are two tier so that you can easily flip it. All you need to do is clamp it and turn. The Best Frittata Pan has a nonstick coating with a easy to lock lid.

How Does a Frittata Pan Work

The main advantage that the Frittata Pan has over a standard pan is the extra pan. That pan locks to the bottom one so that you can easily flip it. Chef who use a traditional pan usually flip it with experience and skill. But rather than take a gamble and risk flipping, we can just use a pan designed for it.

To use a Frittata Pan, cook it like you normally would. Once the bottom is cook, all you need to do is invert it.

Why does my Frittata Stick

In the past, most Frittata is cooked with carbon steel or cast iron. Every once in a while you get one that is cooked in a stainless steel pan. However, these pans are usually well oiled and cooked to perfection. Most home cooks are reluctant to use that much oil. Not only that, its hard for us to know when its fully cooked. As a result, when you go to turn it, the egg sticks and tears.

For this reason, its best to use a nonstick pan. These pan with teflon coating means that nothing will stick and it will release each time.

What kind of a Pan should I use for Frittata?

For the skilled chef, a standard cast iron or carbon steel pan can work. Those with curved corner are preferred over the straight sided one. When you unmold it, the egg will have a attractive round shape. The dual tiered pan are easier to use and recommend for beginner cook.

Best Frittata Pan List

Below, you will find a list of the Best Frittata Pan. Choose one that best suits you.

Cuisinart Frittata 10-Inch Nonstick Pan Set – Black (Best Overall)

For a simple and fool proof pan, get Cuisinart Frittata 10-Inch Nonstick Pan. This pan interlocks with each other so that you can easily flip the egg. Once its done on one side, just turn and you should be good to go. The nonstick coating also ensures that the egg will slid out with ease.

De Buyer – Omelette Pan – Mineral B Element 9½ (Best Traditional Pan)

The original way of making Frittata is with a carbon steel pan. The carbon steel pan develops a nonstick coating just like cast iron. However, since its half the weight, its easier to flip. The corner is curved so that you get a nice round curve. This pan is also good for omelette and a bunch of other kitchen related task. Things like steaks, chicken cutlet and bacon cook beautifully on this pan.


Frittata is a great dish to make. Most messed up when flipping. But with a two tier pan, it makes life a lot easier. Using a nonstick coating ensures that nothing tears. However, the traditional omelette pan works as well. Just get one that can take a seasoning. Stuff like carbon steel or cast iron are good option. I personally like the Mineral B option. The curve interior makes it attractive.

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