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Best Taiyaki Pan Mold

Who makes the Best Taiyaki Pan Mold? In Asia, you will often time see these fish snack made in the street. Those pans that they use are usually a commercial grade cast iron pot. They are designed to be cooked on all day without breaking. However, for the home setting, things are a little different. Unless you plan on making Taiyaki for more than 5 people, it is unlikely that you will need those commercial grade unit. But there are some things that better suited for home use, such as metal use and construction. This article will list some of the Best Taiyaki Pan Mold on the market.

What is Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a Fish shaped desert that originated in Japan. The name Tai means red sea bream and Yaki means cooked, otherwise known was cooked red sea bream. They use a waffle batter and fill a mold under heat. In between cooking, they will fill it with various things like red bean, custard, chocolate or even ice cream. Sometimes you will see Taiyaki as a cone itself. Vendors will sell it with swirls of ice cream coming from its mouth. It is one of the most popular street food in Asia.

How to Cook Taiyaki

Cooking Taiyaki is pretty simple. All you need to do is fill the hot pan with batter and wait. Once, the cooking is half way done, fill it with your desired filling, then flip. When it is fully cooked, it should form a uniform fish. In reality, this is nothing more than a fish shape waffle with filling inside. The only difficult thing about this would be the timing.

What to look for in Best Taiyaki Pan Mold

There are some things to look for in a Taiyaki pan. Things like material and handle will affect how easy it cooks and how it will look. The appearance of the mold is pretty much fixed. You have to choose the shape that suits your need. Some of the fish are more plain in design.

There are two models you should be aware of. One is a closed designed where the fillings are sealed inside. The other is a cone like design. You add filling inwards. You can make various sweet and savory food this way.


There are three type of construction that you should be aware of. Cast Iron, Aluminum with Non Stick and electronic. There are pros and cons of each of them.

The most traditional one is the cast iron. They are heavy, durable and pretty much last forever. Overtime, it will develop a nonstick coating that gets better overtime. However, if you manage to strip the coating, it can develop rust. luckily, its not difficult to apply the seasoning again. Just add a light oil and heat it up.

One thing you should be aware of is that cast iron is a poor conductor of heat. To get past this, you should heat up the pan slowly. Once its up to temperature, it should be even and develop a good shade of golden brown.

The nonstick coating with aluminum is the easiest. Nothing will stick and you do not have to worry about it tearing. The one thing that is bad about it is that its not as durable. Once the coating goes, so does the pan. If you only cook Taiyaki once in a while, then it should be good.

The electric taiykai iron is pretty much like any electric waffle iron. They are nonstick with usually a cast aluminum mold. Once the iron is heated up, it should light up and tell you when to flip and add filling. This is a good alternative to the stove top. You can also make it on your table if you want to entertain your guest.


Unfortunately, most of the handles are made of plastic. The good thing is that they wont get hot. The bad thing is they arent really that comfortable nor are they durable. In Japan, you can find some model with just plain metal or wood. Those are better and more durable overall. There is a commercial model with a wooden handle though, kind of expensive.

Best Taiyaki Pan Mold List

Below you will find some of the best Best Taiyaki Pan Mold sorted by construction. You should buy one that is most suited to your need.

Pearl Metal Japanese Taiyaki Pan

This is a cast aluminum pan with a nonstick coating. It should be the easiest to cook in. Once its heated up, just flip. Even though they call it cast iron, its really cast aluminum. The shape of the fish is well defined and you should be able to see all the marking. Its one of the more affordable option.

Iwachu Cast Iron Taiyaki (Cast Iron)

A heavy cast iron construction means that its the most durable. It is suited for all day cooking and its made in Japan. The nonstick coating will get better overtime. However, it is quite a bit more expensive than the other models. Get this only if you plan on making it for a long time.

D-STYLIST TAIYAKI Maker (Electric)

This model has light that shows you when its done. It is small and takes little retail space. You can even make it on your table. This should be the most familiar unit to most people. Once the light goes green, its mean its done.

BSTOOL Commercial Electric Taiyaki (Commercial)

If you need a commercial model with a wide mouth, this is the way to go. This is perfect for making a cone like waffle. You can add the filling after cooking. This makes it easier to cook and you can add the filling afterwards.

Best Taiyaki Pan Mold Thoughts

These are some of the Best Taiyaki Pan Mold around. You should find one that suits your need. I personally like the cast iron because they last the longest. However, the nonstick are better if you are new to cooking waffle like food. Electronic are covienent and good for table serving. The commercial one is the only one with the wide mouth fish. If you need that, I recommend going for this model.

I hope you like this Best Taiyaki Pan Mold Article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Cutlery page.

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