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Fleischer And Wolf Cookware Review

Fleischer And Wolf is a relatively new company. They were started by two guys Fleischer And Wolf. One was a son of the butcher the other son of a Lumberjack. Interesting how that worked out. Fleischer And Wolf Cookware seemingly came out of nowhere. They were plastered across the walls of Crate and Barrel. No doubt due to the beauty of their hammered cookware. However, is that beauty really functional? This review will take a closer look at its design and see how it performs.

Fleischer And Wolf Cookware Quick Summary

Fleischer And Wolf 10 Piece Stainless Steel
ColorsHammered Copper or Stainless Steel
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerChina
ThoughtsA pretty cookware with decent performance. However, it looks like some cost saving method was used. There is a lack of a frying pan which is disappointing. However, at the price point, it cant be beaten. A good alternative would be Lagostina .
Reviewed CookwareFleischer And Wolf 10 Piece Cookware

Here is a unboxing video so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.

Fleischer And Wolf Triply and Fully Cladded

There are two versions of their hammered tri-ply cookware. One is copper and the other stainless steel. While traditionally, copper was used for its superior heat conduction, most manufacturer these day use it for marketing. There is a general perception that having a copper cookware, means better. While that is true, the copper that is used on the exterior is so thin, that it contribute very little to performance. In fact, the copper will patina and tarnish quickly. So that beautiful gleam when new, will not last. Just be aware, that the copper exterior is just for look.

The other one is stainless steel, this one actually is beneficial. It is stain resistance and it makes the cookware induction compatible. This version tends to keep its beauty longer and I personally find it to be better. Price wise, there isnt much difference, but it seems like they are phasing out the copper one. It is not as readily available.

Both version have a triply design. What that means is the cookware uses three layers of metal. The outer which is stainless steel or copper, aluminum core for fast heat conduction and stainless steel interior for a non reactive surface. By combining these metals, you are getting the best properties of the metal.

Fleischer And Wolf Pots and Pans Design

This section will talk about the construction and design of Fleischer And Wolf cookware. We will discuss how well they designed their cookware and whether you should buy it.


The handle is stainless steel plated in Titan. It gives the handle a cool black look. However, the Titan and Black look is purely cosmetic. The stainless steel is the real star of the show. Because stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat, it will stay cool longer. The base also has a U shape heat choke. This prevents heat from traveling across the pan. On the stove top, the chances of you burning your hand is lower. This also means that its oven safe.

The handle itself is fairly well designed. The edges are nice and round. It provides a comfortable grip while the flat top ensures that it wont rotate in your hand. From the outer region, it tapers inward so that it contours to your hand. However, the handle is a bit bulky. It might suit those with bigger hands better. Those with smaller hands might have some issue.


What is fascinating to me is that they seem like they dont have a traditional frying pan. In the cookware set, all they have is a saute pan and pots. While I cant be sure, I am assuming this was done to save money. Adding a gradual curve on a frying pan cost money, while a saute pan just needs to be stamped out. For those of you who dont know, a lot of cookware is made with a hydraulic press. They stamp out a sheet of metal to give it that pot design. By doing this way, they can mass produce cookware very quickly and easily. The frying pan, not so much.

Another thing to note is the lack of rolled lip. A rolled lip lets you pour liquid easily. Manufacturer these day would opt out of it because of the increase cost. Not sure if Fleischer And Wolf choose it for financial reason but it sure is a disappointment that none of the pieces has it.

Hammered Finish

In Italy and France their copper cookware would be hammered by hand. Fleischer And Wolf cookware was made in China and it looks like it was done by the machine. It looks a little too perfect and for that reason it looks off. While it is beautiful, something doesn’t look right, especially compared to companies like Ruffoni and Mauviel. Another interesting thing to note is that tri-ply cookware is really rare with a hammered finish. I am guessing its due to the tri ply configuration. How they manage to do this is a mystery to me, but if youre not careful, triply metal can split. I have seen it before on All Clad cookware.


In general, the thicker the cookware is the better. This smooth out any heating issue from the stove range and it help maintains heat. On Fleischer And Wolf Cookware it has a total thickness 2.3 mm (Exterior SS 0.5mm, Core alum 1.3mm, Interior SS 0.5mm). While not overly thick, it is still a pretty decent. This should smooth out a lot of heating issues that might arises and provide you even heat.

Fleischer And Wolf Cookware Thoughts

The Cookware set by Fleischer And Wolf is certainly beautiful to look at. Quite affordable as well, it currently goes for around 300 on Amazon for a full set. While cookware from France will cost you 300 for a single pan. I find that its odd that they dont have a frying pan, but like I said, it was probably due to manufacturing cost. If you want another affordable alternative, I recommend Lagostina . They have been around for almost a hundred years and their hammered tri ply cookware is pretty well made.

I hope you found this Fleischer And Wolf Review to be informative, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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