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Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Review

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder are some of the best selling grinders on the market. They’re affordable and effective, however there are just too many of them. From Burr Grinder to blade grinder. Making sense of all that jargon can be confusing. The good thing is that most of these grinder does the job. While coffee snobs might turn their nose on them, for the average joe its perfectly fine. With that said, the Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder are easy to use and uses a more sophisticated burr grinder.

Burr and Blade Grinder

Cuisinart has two different type of coffee grinder. One uses a blade and the other uses a burr grinder. Both grind coffee beans but at different uniformity. With the blade grinder, it works very much like a blender. The blade spins until it pulverizes it to a fine dust. As you suspect, with larger chunk, coffee grinds wont be very uniform. But with finer grinds, it gives pretty decent result.

With a burr grinder two burr with notches sit on top of each other. The distance can be set by you ultimately setting the grind setting. Since these two burr are set in place, the resulting grinds is a lot more even.

In terms of cost, the burr grinders are more expensive to manufacturer.

How to Use

The exact instruction on how to use Cuisinart Coffee Grinder will depend on the model. For the blade grinder, put the beans in the hopper. Place the cover on it and depress the button. I recommend holding the button and shaking the grinder. This ensure that all the coffee get grounded.

For burr grinder, adjust the fineness of the grind. You can do this by twisting the hopper. Some models will differ. After that, select the time you want the grinder to run. If yours have a grind button, depress it.

How to Clean

Generally, blade coffee grinders dont need to be clean. All you need to do is blow it clean and it will remove most dust. Burr Grinder are another story. With use, the oils in bean will start to clog it. In that case, I like to get a toothpick or brush to remove it. Be careful about washing it with soap and water. The burr grinder can rust if you leave it wet. If you must, be sure to dry it right away. The stainless steel burr has less of an issue.


One common issue that the blade grinder has is that it wont run. You need to have the cap on in order to press the button. Just do that and you should be fine.

For the burr grinder, sometimes the grinds does not come out. This is a result of the chute getting clogged. If that is the case, get a paper clip and try it poke a hole. Once the blockage is free, it should work again.

Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder. Since there are a few different configuration, choose one that best suit you.

Cuisinart Programmable Conical Burr Mill, Stainless Steel, COMPACT (Best Overall)

Cuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder is the best in its class. The result that you get is a lot more uniform than the blade variety. It has a convenient hopper to hold your beans and it dispense to a clear container. Selecting the grind setting is easy, all you need to do is turn the hopper. It can also be removed for easy cleaning. This model sets it self apart from the rest thanks to its programmable interface.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill (Best Buy)

While the Programmable model is nice, its also a bit expensive. Thankfully Cuisinart make a more affordable model While it does not have the bell and whistle of its brother, it does the job. Grind adjustment is similar but usage is even easier. Set the amount of coffee you want and press the start button. I recommend you measure it yourself just to be sure. While the amount might be right for the manufacturer, you might want it a little stronger.

Cuisinart Coffee Bar Coffee Grinder (Best Blade Model)

Burr grinder are nice but some people just want something simple. A blade grinder can make perfectly fine grinds for drip coffee. Cuisinart coffee bar grinder is one of the highest rated grinder on amazon. With just over 3000 review, it maintains a hefty 4.5 stars. To use it, just load the bean, cover and press the button. Giving it a few shake will get you the best result.

Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Thoughts

While Cuisinart Coffee Grinder might not be the best in class, its good enough. For the average consumer, it does a good enough job to get you decent coffee. The price of the grinder wont also break your bank. For the Best Performance, I recommend going for the burr grinder. You get more uniform result and better tasting coffee. Important for when you want to make French Press. But for drip coffee, a blade grinder will do the job just as well.

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