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Best Ginger Grater

The secret to great cooking is the use of fresh ingredients. Freshly cracked peppercorn, crushed garlic and grounded coffee can make the world of difference. However, thanks to the world of convenience, we are used to the prepackaged stuff. But if we only take the chance to prepare our ingredients fresh, you will be amazed at the flavor you will get. Perhaps one of the more important ingredient is ginger, but to get the best out of it, you need a ginger grater. The Best Ginger Grater should have a comfortable handle that will produce finely minced ginger.

What is it?

A ginger grater is a device to finely mince garlic. The Japanese have a device known as the Oroshigane. These are small plates or bowls with notches in them. They are used for things that need fine mincing such as garlic, wasabi and ginger. To use them, you grab a ginger and rub it on to finely grate ginger. The mince ginger is then used in a wide variety of dishes such as stews, marinades and other sometimes sushi.

In the western world, the tools for a ginger grater are usually a rasp grater. It has a long comfortable handle with a rasp blade to fine grate ginger. While the result are not as granular as the oroshigane, the results are still leagues ahead of what you will get from a knife.

How to Use a Ginger Grater?

To use a ginger grater, grab the grater by the handle. Rest the tip of it on a solid surface. Use your other hand to run it through the grater. For the rasp, use a up and down motion. With the Oroshigane, I like using a circular motion.

How to get ginger out of the Grater?

To remove the grated ginger. I like tapping it on the cutting board. Most if not all of the grater ginger will fall down.

To clean it, I would scrub it counter to where the blade runs. I usually just rinse it through with hot water. However, you can also use the dishwasher.

Can you use a Cheese Grater to Grate Ginger?

You can, but its not recommended. The cheese grater holes are usually too large. The results is that you get huge chunks of ginger. Its not minced. The flavor profile is also very different.

Best Ginger Grater List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Ginger Grater. There are quite a few on the market. Choose one that best suits you.

Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester Grater (Best Overall)

Trusted by Kitchen Professional and home chef a like. This rasp grater is the best grater overall. The performance is stellar and produce very fine result. The handle is comfortable and cleaning is easy. To remove the ginger, all you need to do is tap the blade on the table. There are quite a few different color choices as well. So you can pick one that suits your kitchen.

MOHA Rotating Ginger Grater (Most Innovative Model)

Moha grater is compact and unique. You can adjust the finess of the grate just by twisting it. To unmount the ginger, all you need to do is twist it. However, since its so small, it might be a little uncomfortable to some.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 6-1/2-inch Ceramic Grater (Best Ceramic Ginger Grater)

Ceramic are nice because they feel nice and have a weight to it. Compared to the metal one, they are more solid on the table and it feels good to use. The grates are not as sharp as the metal one, so it wont cut your hand as easily as the metal version. I recommend the 6.5 inch for more versatility. Just be aware, getting the ginger out is a little more challenging than the other model.

TSUBOE Japanese copper Grater (Best Oroshigane the Japanese Ginger Grater)

If you want a traditional Japanese grater. this tiny metal grater is compact and functional. You can take it on the go or just store it in your drawer. While its compact, its also a little more difficult to use. The smaller size can be a challenge to those with bigger hands. Nevertheless, it does its job.


Freshly grated ginger can transform your dish to another level. There are many different graters on the market. The Best is the tried and true grater by Microplane. It has a comfortable handle and the blade is very effective. However, innovative grater like those by Moha is a good alternative. If you want a Japanese Grater, the ceramic and metal models are a good alternative. You can much more granular result with those models.

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