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Best Cast Iron Teapot Kettle

Brewing tea is consider more of an art than a science. However, getting the right tools can actually help you dial in a consistent brew. From holding the temperature constant to the amount of tea. One of the way you can get good tea is by using a Cast Iron Teapot Kettle. Its heavy construction means that it can help maintain a steady brewing temperature. The Best Cast Iron Teapots should resist result and have a relatively comfortable handle.

What are they?

They’re teapots made of cast iron. The Japanese originally popularized this designed and is known as a Tetsubin. Traditionally, it is heated over a sandpit and family and friend will gather around it. They give off warmth and serve tea.

In the states, Cast Iron Teapot are mostly used because of aesthetic purpose. Traditional Tetsubin are beautiful and often time hand decorated. Modern Cast Iron Kettle are usually covered in Enamel Coating to prevent rust and usually have a modern appearance.

Why is a Cast Iron Teapot Kettle Better?

One of the most important thing about brewing tea is steep time. On top of that, the brew time needs to be constant. Since Cast Iron Teapot Kettle are heavy, they can hold heat at a constant rate longer. Where as Glass Tea Pot can rapidly lose its heat and disrupt the optimal brewing temperature.

Cast Iron Teapot Health and Safety

The topic of health and safety always come up with cookware. In terms of health, its no more healthier than other pot. If anything, it will give you more iron in your diet.

Sometimes these pots will begin rust. Rust mostly posed as a danger when it cuts you. I would avoid ingesting it as well, but from my understanding, ingesting it wont harm you. I still recommend avoiding and not doing it.

How to use a Cast Iron Teapot Kettle?

Using a Cast Iron Teapot can be a little challenging if you never used one. Instead of trying to time the temperature, the easiest way to brew tea is to bring it to a boil and wait till the temperature drop. Once it reaches the optimal brewing temperature, put the leaves in and cover.

I recommend that you have specific teapot for different type of tea. The longer you use it, the stronger the flavor is.


When you clean it, I recommend you just rinse it out with water. Be sure to let it air dry. If you can, use a towel to dry it rapidly. The less its exposed to water, while cool, the less it will rust. Models with enamel coating has less of a chance of rusting.

Best Cast Iron Teapot Kettle List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Cast Iron Teapot. There are a few different models and variation. Choose one that best suits your need.

TOWA Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot Tea Kettle (Best Overall)

Towa tetsubin is one of the best cast iron kettle. The handle is wrapped in rope to prevent it from getting too hot. The spout lets it pour with a steady streaming. The design is beautiful and has varying pattern. You also have choices of different size. Choose one that best suits you.

STAUB Cast Iron Round Tea Kettle (Best Modern Tea Kettle)

For a more modern design, Staub makes a good alternative. They use a beautiful enamel coating for the kettle. They even match their dutch oven if you want a matching set. However, the capacity is smaller and the handle gets hot. I would only recommend this over the Japanese model if you like the design. In terms of functionality, the Japanese models are still better.

Tea Kettle, TOPTIER Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle with Infuser (Best Buy)

Toptier kettle is affordable yet functional. The handle is wide for a easy and comfortable grip. The inside is coated with enamel to prevent rust. And you get a mesh strainer so that you can easily remove tea. While the design isnt as nice as the other model. If you just want tea, this pot will do the job.


Cast Iron Tea Kettles are excellent at maintain temperature. This helps you get even brew each time and consistent flavor. There are a quite a few on the market. My favorite is the one by Towa. The rope protected handle and the finishing is just beautiful. However, those made by Staub is no slouch. A great option if you have their cookware. But for a more affordable option, go for toptier.

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